Top 10 Reasons the Steelers Can Be Overconfident Against the Ravens in the Playoffs

Flacco (1)

By Richard Barnstein

While it’s tough to pick against the Steelers winning their playoff match up against the Ravens this Saturday, there are LOTS of reasons for Pittsburgh to be overconfident. Ravens fans can only hope that these factors catch the Steelers off guard! Go Ravens!!!

10. Big Ben threw for 6 TDs the last time the Steelers faced the Ravens.

9. Pittsburgh has an all time 3-0 playoff record verses the Ravens.

8. Pittsburgh won the AFC North.

7. Antonio brown led the NFL in receiving yards, and seems unstoppable.

6. Home field advantage for Pitt.

5. Ravens DE Jernigan went down with a foot injury in the season finale.

4. Ngata’s back but he hasn’t played one down in over a month.

3. Flacco’s playing some of the worst football in his career over 7 of the past 8 quarters.

2. The Ravens lost to and barely beat two 4th string QBs in the past 2 weeks.

1. The Ravens have one of the worst secondarys in the NFL!


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Dr. Richard Barnstein is an avid sports (Ravens, Terps, and still Orioles) and live music fan. He's also an optometrist in private practice in the Baltimore area at Professional Vision , Dr. Richard Barnstein on Twitter , Dr Richard Barnstein's Eye Information Blog
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