Best Performance of 2014: Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting on You)”: Late Show w/ David Letterman

By Richard Barnstein

Perhaps you enjoy reading up on those “Best of” end of the year lists. I have no lists, but there’s one performance by a little synthpop band from Baltimore that’s moved me and millions of others unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In early March of 2014, Future Islands had the dream opportunity of landing a spot on the Late Show With David Letterman. At that time, I’m pretty sure that their videos on Youtube had at most a few thousand views. The Baltimore based band, originally out of Greenville, North Carolina, had been around touring for over 8 years, where they had created a modest following. Outside of that, there were probably very few people who had ever heard of them, before that special evening in March. Nine months later, their Letterman performance, “Seasons (Waiting on You)”, has over over 3 million views! It’s become an instant classic for live acts on Letterman. Within days of the video’s release on March 4th, rock stars like Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro was tweeting in awe about it. U2’s Bono called the song “a miracle!” Polarizing comments on Youtube range from how it was such a masterful performance, to questioning whether it was a joke! (The video now had over 3,800 comments!) One may ask, “What happened? Why did this video go viral on the internet?” Like him or not, Future Island’s front-man, Samuel T Herring, put on the performance of a lifetime! It’s almost as if, prior to hitting the stage, a little voice inside of his head said, “Samuel….this is the one and only…and I mean ONLY chance you will EVER get to make an impact on the world with your music. I want you to give it EVERYTHING YOU GOT when you go out there, LIKE YOUR CAREER DEPENDED ON IT!!!! Engage the audience, where, like it or not, their eyes will be glued to the screen, where they can’t stop watching!!!!” Of course the song has to be compelling, and the rest of the band has to mesh, but Samuel needed to LEAD the way! Kudos to Samuel T Herring and Future Islands!!!! Click here to view another article that does a nice job of breaking down the performance. Now I’m going to wrap this up so I can watch the video one more time! Have a great day!


About farmerstanproductions

Dr. Richard Barnstein is an avid sports (Ravens, Terps, and still Orioles) and live music fan. He's also an optometrist in private practice in the Baltimore area at Professional Vision , Dr. Richard Barnstein on Twitter , Dr Richard Barnstein's Eye Information Blog
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