Top 10 Reasons for Ravens Fans to be Happy After the Broncos Loss

By Richard Barnstein

10. The D was mesmerizing in the 1st quarter!
9. If we make the playoffs, most teams might underestimate us.
8. Down by ~30 late in the 4th quarter, they still played with unmatched intensity!
7. No one can say, “Fire Cam” anymore.
6. Half of the Ravens fans won’t battle with the other half anymore about how Flacco’s got what it takes to win a Superbowl.
5. Even though it’ll be one and done, we’ll probably still have a home game in the playoffs!
4. Ravens fans at the game could leave halfway through the 3rd quarter and make it home for the 4 o’clock games.
3. Every loss gives us better position for draft picks!
2. Kruger, looked pretty good!
1. The Steelers lost to Dallas today and just clinched us a playoff spot for the 5th year in a row! Woohoo!!!


About farmerstanproductions

Dr. Richard Barnstein is an avid sports (Ravens, Terps, and still Orioles) and live music fan. He's also an optometrist in private practice in the Baltimore area at Professional Vision , Dr. Richard Barnstein on Twitter , Dr Richard Barnstein's Eye Information Blog
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