Crush Davis Awesome Top 6 Highlights as an Oriole!

May 2, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis (19) reacts after swinging for a strike against the Los Angeles Angels during the eighth inning at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
By Richard Barnstein

Chris Davis has given Orioles fans a lot to cheer about over the past 5 seasons. He should command a BIG contract in the off season, which will likely end his stay in Baltimore. I thought it’d be fun to list 6 awesome highlights about Crush Davis’s career as an Oriole. Here we go!

Honorable mention: September 11th, 2015: Crush Davis snapping his bat to pieces like a toothpick, after getting drilled in the back by a pitch from the Royal’s Franklin Morales.: There’s no doubt that this was one of the most memorable innings in Orioles regular season history too. This incident was sandwiched by 2 Oriole grand slams in the same inning, which has only occurred 8 times in MLB history! What’s even more unusual about this incident, is seeing the rage and anger by Davis after getting thrown at by Morales, as O’s fans know Crush Davis pretty much NEVER loses his cool on the field.

6. Over the past 3 seasons, Crush Davis has more home runs (126) than anyone else in MLB. (Nelson Cruz is a distant second at 111 home runs.) He’s also the only player in MLB to average over 40 home runs a year over those 3 years, even though he missed 35 games in 2014! He’s currenty the most prolific home run hitter in MLB.

5.In 2013 Crush joined Babe Ruth and Albert Belle as the only players in major league history with at least 50 home runs, and 40 doubles in the same season.

4. Moonshots: While some players may have more distance in their home runs, very few have the height and distance that Crush can knock out! Click on this image for an extra inning walk-off moon shot home run video by Crush!

3. 1st Oriole with two 40 home run seasons as an Oriole.

2. Most HRs in a single season in Oriole’s history. (53 home runs in 2013)

1. Chris Davis, joined Babe Ruth & Jim Tobin as the only players in MLB history to hit 3 home runs in a game, and have a win as a pitcher in the same season. He was also the first position player to have a win in a game since Rocky Colavito in 1968! Check out the highlights of his pitching performance!

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Top 10 Reasons the Steelers Can Be Overconfident Against the Ravens in the Playoffs

Flacco (1)

By Richard Barnstein

While it’s tough to pick against the Steelers winning their playoff match up against the Ravens this Saturday, there are LOTS of reasons for Pittsburgh to be overconfident. Ravens fans can only hope that these factors catch the Steelers off guard! Go Ravens!!!

10. Big Ben threw for 6 TDs the last time the Steelers faced the Ravens.

9. Pittsburgh has an all time 3-0 playoff record verses the Ravens.

8. Pittsburgh won the AFC North.

7. Antonio brown led the NFL in receiving yards, and seems unstoppable.

6. Home field advantage for Pitt.

5. Ravens DE Jernigan went down with a foot injury in the season finale.

4. Ngata’s back but he hasn’t played one down in over a month.

3. Flacco’s playing some of the worst football in his career over 7 of the past 8 quarters.

2. The Ravens lost to and barely beat two 4th string QBs in the past 2 weeks.

1. The Ravens have one of the worst secondarys in the NFL!


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Best Performance of 2014: Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting on You)”: Late Show w/ David Letterman

By Richard Barnstein

Perhaps you enjoy reading up on those “Best of” end of the year lists. I have no lists, but there’s one performance by a little synthpop band from Baltimore that’s moved me and millions of others unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In early March of 2014, Future Islands had the dream opportunity of landing a spot on the Late Show With David Letterman. At that time, I’m pretty sure that their videos on Youtube had at most a few thousand views. The Baltimore based band, originally out of Greenville, North Carolina, had been around touring for over 8 years, where they had created a modest following. Outside of that, there were probably very few people who had ever heard of them, before that special evening in March. Nine months later, their Letterman performance, “Seasons (Waiting on You)”, has over over 3 million views! It’s become an instant classic for live acts on Letterman. Within days of the video’s release on March 4th, rock stars like Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro was tweeting in awe about it. U2’s Bono called the song “a miracle!” Polarizing comments on Youtube range from how it was such a masterful performance, to questioning whether it was a joke! (The video now had over 3,800 comments!) One may ask, “What happened? Why did this video go viral on the internet?” Like him or not, Future Island’s front-man, Samuel T Herring, put on the performance of a lifetime! It’s almost as if, prior to hitting the stage, a little voice inside of his head said, “Samuel….this is the one and only…and I mean ONLY chance you will EVER get to make an impact on the world with your music. I want you to give it EVERYTHING YOU GOT when you go out there, LIKE YOUR CAREER DEPENDED ON IT!!!! Engage the audience, where, like it or not, their eyes will be glued to the screen, where they can’t stop watching!!!!” Of course the song has to be compelling, and the rest of the band has to mesh, but Samuel needed to LEAD the way! Kudos to Samuel T Herring and Future Islands!!!! Click here to view another article that does a nice job of breaking down the performance. Now I’m going to wrap this up so I can watch the video one more time! Have a great day!


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Delmon’s Double: The Greatest Moment in Oriole Park at Camden Yards History?

By Richard Barnstein
J.J. Hardy, Alex Avila
While we all know there’s only one really happy team at the end, the Orioles made 2014 one of the most enjoyable seasons for O’s fans since Camden Yards opened up in 1992. On the topic of Camden Yard’s history, one might ask, “What’s the greatest moment in the history of Oriole Park at Camden Yards?” Even though the O’s were eliminated in the ALCS Championship Series by KC in 4 close games, nothing will ever take away from the magical moment that occurred on Friday October 3rd at Oriole Park at Camden Yards! There have been milestone moments at Camden Yards, like Ripken’s 2,131st game or Eddie’s 500th home run. However, these were more celebratory feats, verses the intense drama that can occur in the heat of competition. I’m going to break down why I think that “Delmon’s Double” was the single greatest moment in Camden Yards history. I’ll first briefly set the tone of where things stood, when Young came in to pinch hit with the bases loaded, in the bottom of the 8th inning of Game 2 of the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers. The O’s had won the 1st game at home, in of a best of 5 series, where a pivotal Game 2 victory would give the O’s a commanding 2-0 lead before heading to Detroit. On paper, the Tigers had one of the top starting rotations in MLB, where their 1-2-3 starters had won the last 3 Cy Young Awards in the AL. Who knows how this series would have turned out were it not for Delmon’s double!



-It was a playoff game.
-Late in the game (Bottom of the 8th w/ one out)
-Down by 2 runs.(6-4)
-Bases loaded.
-Pinch Hitter Delmon Young came to the plate, looking like he just woke up from a nap. Ice water in his veins!
-Young went after the 1st pitch and drilled it to the left field wall. Fans knew the hit would likely tie the game, but weren’t sure about going ahead. When a batter hits a homer, where it clears the fences, that’s it! With Delmon hitting it against the wall, we knew at that point that the score would be tied, but no one knew if Hardy could score from 1st to take the lead! This substantially increased the drama and suspense of the hit, verses a home run.
-Right after Young hit the ball, this HAD to be the loudest it’s EVER been at Camden Yards! Almost surreal how loud it was! (check out video above) There’s no way there could have ever been a louder moment at Camden Yards. Check out the noise at ~13 seconds into the video. It’s deafening!
-Hardy getting waved home! Still no guarantees!
-Cruz and Pearce both motioning for Hardy to get down and slide away from the plate?
-Hardy doing a text book perfect slide away from home plate/tagging the plate with his left hand.
-Hardy beating the throw/catcher’s tag by a hair, for the go ahead run! (Check out the replay 1:09 into the video above!)
-Cruz doing a reverse somersault (rolling back from the ground, not airborne!)
-Young safe at 2nd with a stand up double, expressionless, out of breath, but content!
-Sea of orange celebrating!

-I have to confess that I didn’t even hear or see this live. I was busy seeing patients, where I had a short break, and stopped into the Giant grocery store right next to our Timonium location. With the O’s down 6-4 at that point late in the game, things weren’t looking good. While cruising down the food aisles, an announcement blasted from the Giant speaker system. “ATTENTION GIANT SHOPPERS, THE ORIOLES JUST TOOK THE LEAD 7-6 OVER THE TIGERS IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 8TH INNING!” Go O’s!!!!

Division Series - Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two

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10 Reasons to Love 20-Year-Old Baseball Phenom Manny Machado

By Richard Barnstein
10. He Has an Infectious Smile: In some ways he reminds me of Magic Johnson, one of my favorite players as a child. This is something players can’t fake. They either have it or don’t. Manny has it…Magic had it…Shaq had it. Most players, even great players..don’t have it!

9. Manny’s Just a Kid! Machado doesn’t turn 21 until July! He can’t grab a beer at the local watering hole with the rest of the team yet!)

8. A Great Sport. (all one has to do is check out this pic from last year’s playoffs…rookie hazing…how many players would go along with that?!)

7. A Team Player. (Moved from Short stop to 3rd base…some might say he did it to get to the big leagues, but still no peep out of him complaining about it.)

6. All Around Baseball Smarts/knack For the Game. It seems like every game, he does something special, whether it’s at the plate, in the field, or on the base paths. Not that he doesn’t make mistakes here and there, but anyone that watches Manny play each day already can sense that he’s doing things that have rarely or never been done before for a player so young.

5. Leads MLB in Multi-hit Games: As of 6/18/13 Manny leads MLB with 30 multi-hit games.

4. He’s an ORIOLE!!!: Yes! Baltimore fans are grateful!

3. Top Rated Fielder: Most fans of the game already consider Manny to be one of the best fielding 3rd baseman in the game! Pretty impressive considering he converted only last year from short stop!

2. 100 Hits leads MBL in 72nd Game: As of 6/18/13 only TWO other players in MLB have over 90 hits! Only 4 other players under 21 years old in MLB history have reached 100 hits in fewer games! (Kaline, Trout, Cobb, Rodriguez…nice company!)

1. 33 Doubles in 1st 72 Games of 2013: 10 More than any other player in MLB! Machado has a chance to break all time record for doubles in a season!: (Set by Earl Webb who had 67 in 1931.) We’re not even at the half point in the season yet. To put this in perspective, in 21 seasons, hall of famer Cal Ripken hit 32 doubles or less in a SEASON 16 times! Since 1936 only one player in MLB has had at least 60 doubles in a season. (Todd Helton had 60 in 2000.)

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2 Big No Calls in the Super Bowl That Jim Harbaugh and the Niners Don’t Whine About

By Richard Barnstein

The Ravens are Super Bowl Champs!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE THAT! GO RAVENS!!!! WE LOVE OUR TEAM!!!! They earned and deserved it!

In defending our team, I thought it’d be a good idea to give something to think about when anyone hears Jim Harbaugh and the Niners whine about what THEY thought was a bad no call. Forget about the fact that Crabtree initiated just as much contact as Jimmy Smith, and also pushed Jimmy Smith’s head down when lunging for a ball that was likely uncatchable. (Even Super Bowl commentator Phil Simms, who picked/rooted for the Niners to win it, and LOVES Kaepernick, thought that it was a good no call.) Forget about how the Niners decided to throw the ball 4 times on a late 4th quarter potential game winning goal line stand, when they had the top running attack in the NFL. Forget about how the Niners, for the 3rd straight playoff game, started out flat and fell behind early by at least 17 points, where that usually catches up with EVERY team, no matter how good they are at comebacks. Forget about the Niners going 2 for 6 in the Red Zone. We’re all sure that these points had nothing to do with them losing!

1. The Niner’s Chris Culliver’s No Call Illegal Contact on Torrey Smith in the 1st Quarter: With 17 seconds left in the 1st quarter, the Ravens were up 7-3 and driving with a 2nd and 13 from the Niners 37 yard line. Flacco lofted a perfectly thrown 40 yard TD pass to WR Torrey Smith, that could have put the Ravens up then 14-3. The problem was that the Niner’s CB Chris Culliver bumped Smith at the 22 yard line,(15 yards past line of scrimmage) where Smith couldn’t catch up to it. This was obvious, indisputable illegal contact that would have given the Ravens an automatic 1st down, putting them in, at the very least, field goal range on the 32 yard line. Both commentators agreed that this was illegal contact. Instead, Flacco was sacked on the next play, and the Ravens had to punt. This was a MAJOR no call against the Ravens in the 1st half. We’d like to hear brother Jim’s take on this no call play…..NOT!!! GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!

2. The Niner’s Isaac Sopoaga No Call/ Personal Foul/ Unnecessary Roughness/ Late Hit on Flacco Out of Bounds With 13:05 Left in the 4th Quarter: Here the Ravens were on the 1 yard line, up 28-23. On a 3rd and goal from the 1 yard line, Flacco snapped the ball, and scampered to his right, where he was chased out of bounds by the Niner’s Sopoaga. After Flacco was completely out of bounds on a pass attempt, Sopoaga delivered a hard hit on Flacco that could have easily been called for unnecessary roughness, which would have given the Ravens a 1st and goal from the 1. Instead, they settled for a field goal, putting the Ravens up 31-23 instead of 4 more chances to make it a 35-23 lead. Someone in the media needs to ask brother Jim what he thought of this play. How do you think brother Jim would have acted if this were against Kaepernick? I have a feeling brother Jim is going to also leave this one off of his cherry picking whiney no call list! (He doesn’t want to risk losing any pleated khaki pants endorsements!) That’s okay with Ravens fans though, because WE ARE THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!

(Harbaugh Photo Courtesy of

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Top 10 Reasons the Ravens Can Knock Off Manning and the Broncos!

By Richard Barnstein
10. No matter what anyone says, Denver has to be overconfident after destroying the Ravens in December at Baltimore.

9. Manning has a sub .500 record lifetime in the playoffs. (Won 9 Lost 10) That’s a lotta losses!

8. This will be only the 2nd time all season that the Raven’s big 4 on defense play together. (Lewis, Reed, Suggs, and Ngata) (Last week was the 1st time.)

7. The Ray Lewis inspiration factor!

6. Flacco outperformed the great Tom Brady last year in the playoffs, AT New England.

5. Ray Rice should bounce back from last week’s forgetful playoff performance.

4. Denver’s luck will hopefully run out with Knowshon Moreno at running back! (He also has no playoff experience!)

3. Flacco is 6-4 all time in the playoffs, but could easily be 8-2 with a ring or 2 if Evans and Boldin could catch perfectly thrown TD passes at the end of a playoff game when it matters most!

2. Denver leads the Ravens in just about every meaningful stat EXCEPT for the all important giveaway/takeaway stat, where they Ravens were +9 this season and the Broncos were -1.

1. Manning is 0-3 in playoff games in which the temperature at kickoff is less than 40 degrees!!!

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